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by Social Network launched !

April 30, 2009 in Iyers

Iyers.Info is a Social Networking platform for iyers. You can Network with other iyers through, share your thoughts and knowledge.

For example you can post an English translation of SandhyaVandanam at and share it with others. You can friend with other iyers and get introduced to many others. Getting networked is getting to know new people from the iyer community.

You can message to your friends in network, you may even share a horoscope of your son/daughter and take references from other iyers in the community. Iyers.Info can help you find a suitable alliance through this network of peple known to each other.

Iyers.Info also integrates a blog, you may post articles and publish online where other iyers can view and post feedback on it. is just launched, we value your feedback and suggestions and can make modifcations to this network system to help you serve better.

Please post your feedback here…

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