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How to invite friends to Iyers.Info

February 4, 2011 in HowTo Guides

Do you know that you can also invite your friends into Iyers.Info community? All you need is their email ids.
Forget the spams other web applications send out to your friends, we will only send invitations to the email ids you mention, not everyone in your contact list.

Check out ‘Send Invites’ link under ‘My account’ on your top navigation bar. Click ‘Invite New Members’ which will take you to a page where you can enter the email ids of your friends ONE in EACH line. Click invite and you will be notified when they join you at Iyers.Info.

9 responses to How to invite friends to Iyers.Info

  1. Thanks for registering me as a member of the family. I hope to take maximum mileage out the lots of information fed by the members and will have a nice time surfing the site/ Thanks once again

  2. happy to see iyers social networking…

  3. it can be good in social networking…becz now a days iyer community has drifted apart from north to south and accross the globe miles away…having no base and social base in the present scenario…
    losing our cultural backgroung in the run of materialistic world…

  4. I write frequently, many a time with lots of wonderful attachments, to USbrahmins, Iyergroop and Madras Brahmin Association.

    cris iyer

  5. Good to know about you.
    You can also share what you write in this community as well. Please reply back and we can discuss more.

  6. Thanks for organizing such a forum to connect people of similar culture,
    practice and thoughts. Let the group see excellent support from fellow members and enjoy life.

  7. Very nice to know that we have a facility to co-ordinate

  8. wow great..happy to know

  9. tats nice…… Iyers and Iyers only

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