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Help us fight spam!

December 14, 2011 in HowTo Guides

Hello All,

Thanks for joining this social network for Iyers and I am sure this will provide a strong foundation for communication and sharing of thoughts and ideas among us.

Web spam is bad and we are striving hard to minimize the spam on this site, but yet a few sneak through our filters.

Here are the ways you can report spam

If you find a status update / activity update / post which you think could be spam, open the activity page similar to the one at (this is just an example url, but not a spam 🙂 ). Look for the flag icon
Once you click on this flag icon, you will be be able to raise an alarm to the webmaster of this website about something which is inappropriate to this site’s code of conduct.

For most of the other pages, you should be able to see a link at the bottom which says ‘Flag this group as inappropriate’ for groups and ‘Flag this member as inappropriate‘ for a member page etc.


You may receive messages such as
I saw your profile today and it was so good to me.u know that i am interested to be a friend first.i also believe that coming to you will be a probability of meeting that very love that has been lacking in my entire life. please i will like you to contact me direct to my e-mail address,
( i dont know the posebility of remaing in forum for long time,i will give you a full introduction of my self with my pictures ok. i will be waiting for your mail to my e-mail adsdress
( as you know
there is no age,race,colour n religion bar when it comes to true love,
cares asdasdasd.

This is an example of a spam message. As soon as you receive similar messages, please use the reporting links as you see above and delete such messages.

Do not click any links in such messages / reply to such messages and help us to fight spam in this site.

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Avani Avittam Mantrams

August 10, 2011 in Mantrams

Yajur Veda Avani Avittam Mantrams

Following are links to avani avittam Mantrams for this years avani avittam. You can view and download the language you are comfortable.

In the malayalam version, in page No.4, the following corrections may please be noted.

Devarshi-tarpanam-karishye (whose father is alive)

Devarshipitr-tarpanam-karishye (whose father is dead)

ദേവ-ഋഷി-തര്പണം കരിഷ്യേ. (പിതാവുള്ളവര്‍)

ദേവ-ഋഷി-പിതൃ-തര്പണം കരിഷ്യേ. (പിതാവില്ലാത്തവര്‍)

Sorry for the mistake.

Sanskrit / Devanagari




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How to invite friends to Iyers.Info

February 4, 2011 in HowTo Guides

Do you know that you can also invite your friends into Iyers.Info community? All you need is their email ids.
Forget the spams other web applications send out to your friends, we will only send invitations to the email ids you mention, not everyone in your contact list.

Check out ‘Send Invites’ link under ‘My account’ on your top navigation bar. Click ‘Invite New Members’ which will take you to a page where you can enter the email ids of your friends ONE in EACH line. Click invite and you will be notified when they join you at Iyers.Info.