There are online communities for anything and everything, but is there a good online community of Iyers?

We didn’t just mean an Orkut group or an Yahoo group, but a full fledged social network where Iyers can connect with other Iyers whom they know, exchange information in a more organized way?

That’s what we would like to achieve using Iyers.Info !

If you belong to the Iyer community, join today and invite your Iyer friends and relatives to this community.

In fact you can go ahead and start a discussion or post an interesting item to share on a blog, it has unlimited possibilities here!


So have you joined Iyers.Info yet?

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  1. Hi,

    My great grandmother was a palakkad iyer.however after she got married and moved to Andhra pradesh,she lost in touch with her family.i am researching on her roots.It will be helpful if someone answers few of these questions.

    Was there or is there a family name called sravati or sravanthi?
    Was there a place with the name firakavur or phirakavur?

    Unfortunately these Rae the only 2 things that I have.Any kind of help would be appreciated.